Web3 Cashback powered by MEV

Giving money back to users that would have otherwise gone to bots

100% MEV win rate
$1B processed on ETH, BNB & Polygon
DeFi 3.0 for Liquidity Providers & Swaps
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Selected #1 project in the program by BNB Chain

Our Benefits

Supercharging DEXes and Wallets

Revenue Growth

DEX treasury gets immediate revenue boost


Users get instant cash back in the same transaction


Protect your users from predatory MEV bots that exhaust public mempool

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About Us

We are Wallchain

About Us

We are Wallchain

We are a team of veteran FAANG engineers. We put ourselves on a mission to build a healthy decentralized wealth-being for Web3 Community and provide the most friendly way to capture the profits DeFi platforms create for the market. The profits are instantly shared between users and DEX owners.

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